Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions of Hire Topsham Community Association For Matthews Hall, Fore Street, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0HF, and The Dorothy Holman Youth and Community Centre, Ferry Road, Topsham, EX3 0 JW. Emergency Contact Number: 07849 121 829GENERAL

1. A £50 deposit is required to secure one off bookings, such as parties – returned if facilities left clean and undamaged.
2. A Booking form or online booking request must be completed. By complete the form or request you consent to be bound by our terms and conditions.
3. Allow for set up and cleaning in your booking times; specify exact arrival and departure times to ensure the correct key holding arrangements are made.
4. You are expected to leave the hall as you find it, including toilets and kitchens. Cleaning materials can be found in the kitchen. Ensure that all rubbish is in the bin, nothing is left, floors are swept and mopped if needed. All dishes should be washed properly, dried and put away. Failure to leave the hall clean and tidy will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
5. Invoices will be sent at the beginning of the month your event takes place in. Invoices will be monthly in advance. Payment by BACS is preferred to: Topsham Community Association Ltd. Sort Code 30-80-37 Account Number 83611468. Payment may also be made by cheque.
6. After your event, it is your responsibility to email your bank details to [email protected] for the return of your deposits. Unclaimed deposits will be treated as donations after 6 months.

7. Long-term bookings will be reviewed every 3 months to ensure the centre is able to deliver the most appropriate services to the local community.
8. Once you have made a booking, we will hold your details on file for billing or in case we need to contact you.

PERSONS AND ORGANISATIONS RESPONSIBLE The term “hirer” shall be taken to be the person named on the booking form as well as the organisation or body hiring.

Either TCA or the hirer may cancel any booking, giving 2 weeks notice. Neither party shall be entitled to any compensation, except that the hirer shall forfeit any deposit paid, but shall be entitled to a return of any other fees or charges paid. If a hiring is cancelled within 2 weeks of the date booked, TCA will retain any deposit and reserves the right to charge the full booking fees.

Remember there may be other customers waiting to use the room after you and time is required to clean and pack away furniture. Additional charges will be made if occupation of any room continues after the time for which thebooking was made.

SUB-LETTING No sub-letting is permitted without the authority of the Association.

LICENSING AND COPYRIGHT Premises licence under Licensing Act 2003Evening events will be finished by midnight with no drinks served or music played after 11.30pm. If amplified music or live music is being played, the external doors and windows will be kept shut. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the event/activity finishes in an orderly fashion without disturbing local residents. Sales and supply of alcohol are made under the direct supervision of a named Responsible Person.The name of this Responsible Person should be provided not later than 4 weeks before the event in all cases. Hirers and their Responsible Person must uphold the four objectives of the Licensing Act 2003:

1. The prevention of crime and disorder

2. The promotion of public safety

3. The prevention of public nuisance

4. The protection of children from harm.

5. In addition, they must also… Not sell or allow the sale or consumption of alcohol to anyone under 18Not allow the sale or supply of alcohol to any person who is drunk

6. Not allow disorderly conduct on the premises. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant licences for gambling including bingo and raffles.

COPYRIGHT Hirers must be responsible for complying with the Copyright Acts and indemnify TCA against costs levied against it byreason of infringement of the Acts.

Terms And Conditions of Hire Topsham Community AssociationThe maximum capacity of the main Hall is 170. The Council Chamber has a maximum capacity of 60 persons. TheDorothy Holman Centre has a maximum capacity of 100.

FIRE RISK Before an event, hirers should familiarise themselves with escape routes as displayed, the location of fire extinguishers and the emergency assembly point.In an evacuation the participants assemble on the lawn on the north side of the building and do not return to the building without permission of a fire officer. Escape routes and exits must not be blocked and there must be no nakedflames or smoking in the building.

ACCIDENTS Note the position of the first aid box. If an accident occurs, then notify the manager or emergency contact.

RISK ASSESMENT OF YOUR ACTIVITY You may need to carry out your own risk assessment and take out liability insurance if appropriate.

No entertainment shall be held which increases the risk of fire or vitiates TCA’s insurance policy. No additionallighting shall be connected without the consent of the Manager and hirers’ own stand-alone electrical equipmentmust be PAT tested. Report any faulty equipment to the centre manager or key holder.

GOOD ORDER The hirer is responsible for good order in the Hall. The hirer shall leave all rooms and equipment in a clean and tidystate. An excess charge to cover cleaning or etc. will be levied for non-compliance.

DAMAGE Any damage to the Hall or its contents must be notified to the Manager and must be made good to the satisfaction ofTCA. Every theft or instance of wilful damage will be reported to the police.

ACTS NOT ALLOWED No nails may be driven into the walls; floors or woodwork and no adhesive materials may be used in a manner whichmay damage the decorative state of the premises. No flags, decorations or notices may be displayed outside the Hallwithout the permission of the Manager.


REFUSAL OF ENTRY TCA reserves the right to refuse entry to the hirer or any individual without giving reasons.

RIGHT OF ENTRY TCA reserves the right of entry for itself and duly authorised officers.

DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY The Association accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property brought into or left in the Hall, nor for anyaccident or injury sustained by the hirer or any person present in the Hall during hiring. The hirer shall indemnify theAssociation against any claim made forsuch loss, damage, accident, or injury.

PROVISION OF INFORMATION Hirers must complete the booking form or online booking request showing the rooms and times required and provideinformation regarding their activity/event.

PARKING Hirers may only park to load and unload and in no circumstances cause an obstruction to other hall users, staff, usersof the adjacent car park.

SAFEGUARDING Hirers are responsible for the safeguarding arrangements for any hall use.

INSURANCE TCA’s public liability insurance covers hirers of the Hall but excludes those using it for commercial purposes.

Company registration no. 08111534 Charity Commission registration no. 1148398