Become a Director of the Topsham Community Association

Become a Volunteer Director of the Topsham Community Association

Topsham Community Association (TCA), formed in the 1960s, is the leading community organisation in Topsham and has an extensive membership. It is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee so it has a formal board structure.

Topsham councillors Josh Elliott-Jones and Matthew Williams (ECC) and Andrew Leadbetter (DCC) keep the TCA abreast of Exeter City and Devon County Councils’ matters which may affect our community. 

One of the considerations these organisations require is the number of members in a responding organisation such as the TCA. The only way we can demonstrate that we represent the views of Topsham people is to show that we have a significant registered membership which we can get in touch with electronically or by post and can, therefore, respond quickly to issues raised.

At all times TCA directors and volunteers carry out the wishes of the community in line with the objectives of the Company. Board directors have their appointments confirmed by the TCA members at the Annual General Meeting (open to all) which this year is Tuesday 4 July in Matthews Hall.

What we do: Matthews Hall on Fore Street and Dorothy Holman on Ferry Road are the key community centres where the TCA brings you: 

• Saturday morning Community Market

• Matthews Hall Cafe

• Town Crier

• Tuesday Seniors Club

• The Repair Café

• The Library of Things

• Events – 2022 Jubilee celebrations; Coronation ceremony shown live at the Saturday Community Market plus a special screening of ‘Elvis’; food fair

• Topsham Planning Panel

TCA directors oversee these community interests. Helping them to achieve these objectives are Office Manager Hayley Denham and Caretakers Marc Sanders and Ray Hunter.

Opportunities to join the TCA and Topsham Life team as a volunteer or a director are waiting. Our activities are expanding fast so we want enthusiastic, energetic and skilled individuals whose insight and experience can make a difference; whose input can complement the existing skill base, be it IT knowhow, event management, finance and governance.

As a TCA director or volunteer helper, you can make a much-appreciated difference within the Topsham community. Your contribution in a specialist direction, guidance and oversight is what the organisation needs as it continues to grow and flourish. 

Interested? Then please email us, briefly outlining your particular skills and interests. in advance of the more formal application and interview process. We are non-political and uphold equal opportunity employer principles. Director roles are open to applicants of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and abilities.

Please apply in the first instance via email to [email protected]. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and